I want to be a culture buddy

We need dedicated and passionate people to help us co-ordinate activities within and out of churches and groups for the benefit of Communities of Culture. This role will form a link for team but also for the Hull City of Culture team to be able to access the opportunities you have too. You may wish to have more than one buddy to represent different elements of your activities or interest, or to share the work.

Culture Buddies will

  • Be appointed with the blessing of your church or group leaders.
  • Be a reliable first point of contact for your church or group.
  • Be enthusiastic, creative and able to inspire and talent spot people in their church or group, and then get them involved in something fantastic in the city.
  • Know their congregation or groups, buildings and resources well and have access to booking/reserving resources.
  • Be able to keep Communities of Culture and City of Culture opportunities on the churches or groups main agendas and further promote development of new ideas and activities.
  • Desire to attend 'Huddle' meetings or 'Eatings'. Yes we will meet and eat sometimes, to share what your church or group is doing every 2 months or so and keep the coordinator in the loop as new ides develop between meetings.

We anticipate that Culture Buddies will have an average of around half an hour a week's activity, often much less, of fun tasks to carry out, mostly within your group or church. You will get direct support and encouragement from the Communities of Culture Co-ordinator, and hopefully a person in leadership in your church or group.

By having a 'buddy', your church increases its chances of the City of Culture team engaging with your church, booking the space and bringing its resources and talent to your activities too. We can make sure all your church or groups activities that are suitable become part of the main city of culture program, vastly increasing its potential.

YES... That's Me!